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Libe Ackerman, OhSwell principle

Who We Are

OhSwell is a digital marketing consultancy based in Brooklyn, headed up by longtime content and marketing executive Libe Ackerman (me).After a storied career working at companies like Viacom and AOL, I started OhSwell to help demystify digital marketing and empower business owners to use these tools in a way that makes sense for them (you), right now.I often talk to business owners who know they need to 'do' digital marketing, but don't really know how to get started.Other people have tried some digital marketing in the past and weren't happy with the results. Some are doing OK with a certain type of marketing, but want to expand to new channels.Some businesses just haven't updated their site since 2004 and want to overhaul their online destination.If any of these scenarios sound vaguely familiar, OhSwell is uniquely positioned to help you to reach your goals.Companies I've worked with previously include:

Services We Offer

- Digital marketing audit + strategy
- Website design
- Content strategy
- Social media strategy
- Google ranking, search engine optimization (SEO)
As a digital marketing consultancy, our goal is to provide valuable marketing advice and strategy, but also educate you and your team on how to use these strategies in a way that makes sense for where you are right now.After everything is said and done, you should feel empowered to continue your marketing efforts in a way that aligns with your current budgets, whether that's with a new hire, an existing team member or through an additional engagement with us or another marketing firm.If you're ready to take control of your business' digital marketing, email me about setting up an initial consult.

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